Engine Room

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Here we meet a maintenance robot and an unfriendly alien.


Scene 2, The Shuttle Bay

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As we emerge around the corner, the big yellow doors are sliding shut. Fog is blasted in their general direction while powerful extractor fans suck it through the closing gap to give the impression of the vacuum of space. The UFO floats down a little to scare the rider as they pass.


Burning Cast Iron Coffins

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As the ride car goes past, we hear blood curdling screams. The lids of the coffins shake and the smell of burning flesh becomes apparent. This is powerful image for a very dark ride.

The effects

I’m not sure if Dale Air has a burning flesh scent for their vortex machines but I hope they make one. The glowing iron coffins would be acheived with careful painting, using UV reactive paint or maybe lights inside the coffins. The fire could be acheived using FauxFire:

Here is the video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxB7vF6qc84

The screaming comes from speakers inside the coffins.

Space station themed ride

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It starts of in a university classroom..

And then we are teleported onto a space craft. The starey back drop you see is a back projected rolling image thats a few feat away from the glass to give it a bit of depth. In this scene you meet the ships computer! More to come soon hopefully.

Controllable Garden For A Fun-House

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This is an effect for a Fun-House or even a museum. Via this control panel:

(click to enlarge)


…the guest has control over a large number of effects to change the atmosphere in the garden. One thing I forgot to add to the model was a large fan to simulate wind. In any case it would be positioned on the “roof” here with the other effects: FXLABELED

(Click to enlarge)


(The cat in the pictures is my late cat ‘Daisey’ lol…)

A few random ideas

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The Burning Skeleton. This horrifying idea and the measurements are take from Mary K Baxter’s book ‘A Divine Revelation of Hell’. She claims to have visited Hell over 40 nights a depicts a large part of Hell having as large number of these pits near one another. Many Dark rides already have Hellish overtones using scenes of Demons, tortue and revolving tunnels so why not include something like this?


The Basement and Infra-Basement. This is an idea for the bottom floors of fun-house/mad-house where you have an additional basement under the actual basement. Its more raw and earthy.


Spaceship and Cave Entrance. 

caverndarkrideFIDDLE_lightupno scene_2013-10-20_1955_zps51mwk4uj

Cavern with Mouth in Floor.


Glowing Mortars. If its too hard to create this in fibreglass (by using clear resin for the gaps)Careful painting of the gaps with neon green paint and UV light could be used.

MouthHellpolyreduced_lightupno scene_2013-09-28_1647_zpsqpbwbssr

The Mouth Tunnel


The Clock Room. This is another part of a fun-house/mad-house. The tunnel in the background is a walk through revolving tunnel that leads to a distorted reality.

Rain Window Effect

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in the name of trying to make people feel like they’re in a completely different place, I thought it might be cool to pretend it’s raining outside, so In the last part of the house scene, I added this – A view to an ally way where apparently it’s raining (and also night);


(Note the lights are flush in the ceiling to protect from vandalism)


Weather and time of day has an effect on people’s moods so hopefully this would have some effect on the riders.


As shown in the above/previous image, this effect is achieved using something known as a ‘rain bar’ which is what they use in Hollywood for the movies. Drains in the floor lead the water to a pump and it is then cycled back round to be rain once again. An alternative method would be just to have a small rain-bar directly behind the window.

An ally way is used because of how the buildings limit the view.

Lastly, at the very end of this scene there is another worm-hole generator doorway, which in keeping with the rest of the section is suitably skewed from normality;


There are 2 spiral ball illusions either side of it. You can buy these illusions of the shelf and they are very simple, but look cool. Basically, as the spiral turns it creates a typical spiral illusion but the additional ball in the middle looks like its travelling up or down the spiral – The ball is of course, fixed in place and doesn’t move at all.
I had the idea that maybe you could illuminate these balls. One way is to make them from a translucent material and then shine a laser or other narrow beam light on the rear side of them. Another way would be to use UV.


Above/previous: Photo of consumer spiral ball illusion