Anyone can use my ideas for free

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Yeah, basically I want you all to know anyone can use my ideas, provided someone hasn’t already legally protected them, guess it’s worth a check. But like my title says, no honey traps. Use these ideas, in fact I want people to use them and I won’t accept a penny for them.

Teleporting people from a classroom to a space craft

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school from outside

The rider approaches a school building…Note: It is very tall and the back of the entrance door is black. These are both absolutely necessary, all will become clear as you read on.

The windows are completely blacked out.

Entering through the door, we find ourselves in quite a boring science lab. It looks just like your school science lab, except it has seating in the middle of it with over-the-shoulder restraints (again, absolutely necessary).

classroom overview 3

The floor appears to be white-tiled, however, all is not as it seems as I will soon reveal.


The ceiling aswell…If you are really observant you’ll notice.


The door is then closed and the rider is seated.

Then, a complete blackout.


And then, as the light returns we find ourselves in a completely different environment.

space station

The entire surroundings are bigger and different. Even the floor is changed…

floor with lights

(The orange parts you see are meant to be emitting orange light). We have been successfully transported into space!

….So how, Matt, would you go about doing all this?…

I will show you! (If you haven’t already guessed) 😉

This middle part of the classroom ceiling is suspended by rods that attach to girders in the ceiling of the warehouse-building:

ceiling red circle


This is what the whole thing would look like from a distance. Here you can start to see why the building needs to be 3 stories high.

The rest of the ceiling and most of the classroom are on a lifting mechanism.

This is what it would look like in the lights were on during the blackout and scene change:

ceiling accension

And from outside:

lifting mechanism

As you can see the parts of the classroom ceiling (that aren’t part of the middle “island”), the walls, the benches and the desk are all built into a sturdy lifting mechanism.

lifting in progress

It’s all pulled up through appropriately shaped gaps. There is also a “layer” of tiles on the bottom of the benches which fits snug in the gaps, “closing” the ceiling up.

high position

And BOOM, we are space…

But what about the floor?

Basically It’s inch-thick Smart Glass. When the classroom is down, the Smart Glass is opaque (on) with some lines drawn onto it to look a little bit more like tiles. When it’s up it’s transparent (off) revealing the light-up floor tiles beneath it.floor 2


Breathing Walls

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breathing walls

Simple but repulsive, these latex walls “breathe” as the rider proceeds down the queue line. I’m no engineer but I can see this effect being achieved either mechanically, with cams or pneumatically, by pumping air in and out of them.


The Ghostly Presence

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Ghost Footsteps overview

The effect here is a ghostly presence moving in a queue line. It’s quite simple, a projector projects only a shadow of a ghostly figure as beaters hit the floor from undeneath. You have beaters in the position for left and right steps.

Ghost Footsteps beaters

So it’s basically like, someone or something is walking through the queue line minus a physical body.

Rain Window Revised

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rain window revised2rain window revised

This time, instead of having water go all over the place (see Rain Window Effect) it falls into a trough just below the window. This time I have also added a sub-woofer and strobe for thunder and lightning. I think this would be a cool, inexpensive effect for a ghost train.

Acrylic, square and mirrored revolving tunnel

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The 4 sides of this square, revolving tunnel are made from acrylic mirrors (not glass mirrors because that would probably never pass health & safety). The idea here is maximum disorientation as the 4 sides bounce reflections infinitely as you ride through. Unfortunately it would be impossible and/or expensive to render the infinite reflections realisticly so sorry about that….But I’m pretty sure the effect would be awesome. Lights could be added but NO LIGHTS after the end of the tunnel PLEASE as that would ruin the effect. As with all my ideas, I have not and will not patent this.

Scene 2, The Shuttle Bay

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As we emerge around the corner, the big yellow doors are sliding shut. Fog is blasted in their general direction while powerful extractor fans suck it through the closing gap to give the impression of the vacuum of space. The UFO floats down a little to scare the rider as they pass.